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What to do next?

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage, The Red Torsolette with tags , , , , on November 19, 2012 by Accidental Masturbator

Anyone who follows my Tweets may have an inkling of where this post is going to go. Or at least where it is going to start. And never before have I been quite so aware of how much words on a screen cannot convey the essence of a post, devoid as they are of vocal inflection.

Yesterday went to a grown-up party. Not a kid’s party, and not a party with kids. Just adults. I think it is the first time in … oh, years, and the first time we have dressed up to go out in much, much longer. I was suited and booted, and my Wife wore a posh frock. And as She showed off Her sparkly shoes to our child, I noticed She was wearing tights (it was cold, after all) … or maybe they were pop-socks (is there any less sexy item of hosiery?) … or … surely not? Not stockings? That would require a suspenders belt. Like the one I bought Her last Xmas. The one that hasn’t even had the shop tags removed in the 11 months since. Surely not? Continue reading

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