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Working arrangements 

Posted in Escorts, Fiction with tags , , , , on June 16, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

Times have been tough, but they’ve been picking up. With more time on my hands and an improving employment market I found myself in a new job. It’s not an exciting job, though far better than stacking shelves on the night shift. It’s just running the desk in a small, middle weight hotel. The pay is ok, the hours are regular, I’m pretty much left to my own devices, and the benefits have turned out to be surprisingly good. Financially and …

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It was a slow, boring afternoon, a few weeks after I’d started working there and in she walks. I guess she’s mid 30s, has a slim athletic build with nice tits (I guess a C-cup), average height, long Continue reading

Playing away from home

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If anyone out there in media-land is considering doing a survey on what the sexiest place in the world is, I think I can save them the trouble. At first you might think somewhere like a tropical beach on a private island might top the list but I’d put money on the real answer being …

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