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One step forward, two steps back.

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Relationship Counselling / Sex Therapy : Session #4.
It’s 3 weeks since our last session.
At Session #3, The Big Bad had been mentioned as a subject for future discussion.
Obviously by The Big Bad, I mean SEX.

We didn’t start talking about sex.

How were we doing?
My Wife opined that Continue reading

Fight the good fight

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There was no point in getting out of bed. It was Sunday: Friday night had gone from great to shit, and for pretty much the whole of Saturday I’d reserved my company exclusively for myself. Sulking, and licking my wounds. Again, the bed there was no point in getting out of was, by my own choice, the spare bed.

Some 5hrs later than I would usually rise (and, with the luxury of solitude, two orgasms later) I showered and went downstairs for breakfast. She joined me at the table.
Her: We should talk.
We did.

The conversation was Continue reading


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For reasons that may become significant, in terms of context, note that this post is just over a week late being published

Having started with M, it’s time to move on to some other letters of the alphabet … though not necessarily in the conventional order.

Let’s start with Continue reading

I get to wear rubber for Her

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Her : I’ve made an appointment with the GP for the end of the week.
Me : Ok
Such diary logistic conversations are not uncommon.
Her : I don’t know if they’ll do anything on the spot; I may need to make another appointment to get my [contraceptive] implant taken out. From the Continue reading

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