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One step back, one step forward.

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An hour before the alarm was due and we were both awake. (There are so many repetitive patterns in our lives.)
My dick twitched.

I put my hand on Her back, and She lay there for a moment before getting out of bed and going to the bathroom.
A good sign.
My dick twitched.

On Her return, She cuddled up straight away, though Her hands stayed well above my waist.
My dick twitched.

I put my hand on Her arse, but didn’t stroke.
Stillness from both of us. Perhaps this morning was Continue reading


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A lot of folk who read my blog regularly are apparently well acquainted with the prostate, and my more regular readers will know I have prostate health issues of my own. For many men, the prostate is a bit of a no-go area, (not just when it comes to sexual play) and as a gender we are notoriously bad about going to see the doctor, especially when it comes to GUM problems.

Whilst I have no specific reason to be concerned about prostate cancer, Movember is something that consequently interests me, and having seen a reblog of Clown On Fire’ s Movember post, I thought I’d do my bit by offering my perspective on the prostate. Continue reading

A question of mutual desire

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As so often, this morning I woke early with a turgid member, and an urge to hammer it into my Wife’s dripping cunt. Guess what. That’s right, Dear Reader, it didn’t happen. Inevitably I woke before She did, but getting out of bed did disturb her a little. As I usually try to, I made sure my hard-on was as casually visible to her as possible as I quietly walked round our bed, picked up some clothes, and went downstairs for breakfast. With my throbbing cock still twitching and jiggling, I walked naked around the kitchen, fed the cat, and made my tea and toast. Continue reading

Up all night

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According to Wikipedia, nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is the spontaneous occurrence of an erection of the penis during sleep or when waking up. In the real world we all know this as Morning Glory, or waking up with a raging hard-on. Apparently it usually happens three to five times during the night … usually during REM sleep [though] the cause of NPT is not known with certainty.

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DLS #2 : Swim club

Posted in Dirty Little Secrets with tags , , , , , , on February 12, 2012 by Accidental Masturbator

Regular readers will know I’ve not been sleeping well recently and waking up far too early. What I’ve not mentioned is that over the last year or so I have fallen out if the habit of taking exercise and have put on more wieght than I am happy with. I have resolved to remedy the latter by making use of my early mornings and, as a former competitive swimmer, I intend to be beasting myself up and down our local swimming pool on a regular basis.

This morning was day one of my new regime. I woke up 2hrs before I needed to start the day, with my usual hard-on, and as much as I would have like to toss myself off, figured my time and calories would be better spent submersed in chlorinated water. So off I went to the pool.

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Did that really just happen?

Posted in Sex with my wife with tags , , , on January 15, 2012 by Accidental Masturbator

I’ve long maintained I’m horny pretty much all the time, and it’s pretty much true. And even if I’m not horny, if you were to stick your hand down my pants and have a fiddle and tickle, it’s pretty certain you could get me in the mood in about two and a half seconds. Yes, I know, that’s quite a slow reaction time, but I’m not a young as I was and the neurones don’t fire as fast as they used to. Continue reading

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