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A tale of the unexpected (Book review)

Posted in Not quite about sex but ... with tags , , , on August 29, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

[Part 3 of I-wrote-this-and-am-depressed-by-even-the-thought-of-sex-(let-alone-waking-with-a-hardon-4-or-5-times-a-night)-so-wasn’t-going-to-publish-but-fuck-it-!!! and in the circumstances, perhaps the most inconsequential of posts …]

My summer holiday reading had been sat on the shelf in my bedroom for months. When visiting friends over the Easter break, or possibly even the last summer break, we had taken our respective kids to the Roald Dahl museum. Until that point, I had not realised that Dahl had been responsible for the series of short stories which turned into the TV series Tales Of The Unexpected

… nor that his writing was not confined to children’s books. His adult literature, I learned, could be of

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