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I’d had a shit morning.
Life on the front line of being a grownup had seen fit to give me two good kicks before We left the house. The consequence, I could so easily have pulled out of going to our therapy session today. It even went through my mind to get there and then excuse myself, leaving my Wife to talk to Sue on Her own.
But I didn’t.
Perhaps that would have taken more spine than I could muster.

Sue: You’ve been away. How was that?
Her: It started well on the first day. The next couple were more difficult, without us talking a great deal.
Sue turned to me …
Sue: How do you feel it went.
Me: It was Continue reading


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I don’t have time to relate the following in any detail so please excuse the brevity.

We fucked.

OK. I’ll not be that brief. But forgive me if this is incomplete and I refrain from too much commentary. Continue reading

That’s better

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[If this post doesn’t seem to make a huge amount of sense, or leaves you with a whole load of questions, Dear Deader, the previous few days info should help shed some light.]

As we sat down to dinner, my Wife asked …
Her: How are you doing?
Me: In the circumstances, ok.
Her: Are you still in pain?
Me: Yeah.
Her: Oh dear.
Me: It’s partly self inflicted.
Her: Because you could take care if it yourself?
Me: Yeah.
Her: So if I Continue reading

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