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Going backwards

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It was an innocent enough request on Her part. Obviously She felt justified in making it.
To me it seemed irrational. I complied, though it irritated me to do so.
Nothing more was said, but it sat in the back of my mind.

Was this going to be The New Us?

We had supper as a family.
It was all sociable.
And when the plates were cleared an my Wife and I were left alone in the kitchen, I asked for a Dr Ruth moment.
We sat.
And I asked why She had made what I felt was an unjustified request.

Now you might think, Dear Reader, that Continue reading

Pelude and …

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I’d met a client in London earlier in the day. My Wife was taking a day of leave and schools had broken up for the summer, so we made a family day of it with all of us meeting up and hitting a museum after my meeting.
Relations had been strained over the last week.
On the way home we discussed supper. She offered to pick up something from the supermarket on our way home from the station. It would mean Her walking in one direction, and the rest of us going the other. Not a huge detour for Her, but not the direct route.

When She got home She proffered a Continue reading

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