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Too tired to play this game

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage, The Red Torsolette with tags , , , , on July 23, 2013 by Accidental Masturbator

NB If you’re keeping up with me, Dear Reader, you’ll know I’ve published a few post recently about the entirely unsatisfactory sex life My Wife and I have shared in recent months. Although they have been only appeared in the last few weeks, they were penned over the last 6 months. As you’ll know, they were resurrected as a build up to certain information, and that, at last, is contained herein.
This post has also been awaitig up loading for some time, but it does, nearly, bring us to date.

It was the night before a significant anniversary for my Wife and me: the date we moved in together. Earlier in the day there had been some mention of the date and the fact that my Wife had other commitments after work the next day – the actual day of our anniversary – so we wouldn’t really have an opportunity to celebrate. The discussion was indeterminate.

At this point I should bring you up to speed on a significant detail.
I’ve given up on sex.

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