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The answer is …

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Granted I’d dropped a flirtatious line earlier.
Unusually She’d made a comment on social media about something I’d posted that could easily have been viewed as laden with innuendo.
And I confess I did absolutely nothing hasty to conceal the twitching bulge in my jeans from Her when we’d sat next to each other later.
But after supper we’d sat on separate sofas all evening – me repairing a pair of shorts, Her searching for hotels on Her tablet.
We watched stand-up comedy show where a female comic was relating how sex she wanted more than her boyfriend, how she therofore put her boyfriend in an unwinnable position, and how she wasn’t very good at sex.

Come bed time, I still wasn’t finished sewing when She commented on the hour. I said I’d be up soon.

I heard Her busying Herself upstairs. Unusually so. It was like She was delaying something.

I finished sewing, and went upstairs.
Of course I wanted sex, but there is still something visceral that means

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Twice the detail

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After teasing you, Dear Reader, with news of me getting my end away over the last couple of days, I felt a little guilty about not filling you in with all the graphically pornographic details. So…

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