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Sinful Sunday 396 – Bad dad

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As parents we all try to set a good example to our progeny – keep your room tidy, look after your toys, be respectful to others. The lessons we try to teach our kids range from beneficial to imperative, are seemingly endless … and largely unappreciated. Maybe when we’re old and incontinent they’ll make sure our geriatric incarceration is a comfortable one, and they’ll occasionally come and visit us in the home. Or that’s the received wisdom.

Sinful Sunday

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Fucket list – PS

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Many of your number, Dear Reader, will be familiar with High Fidelity, the film starring Jon Cusack. Hopefully more of you will have read the book on which it’s based, by Nick Hornby. For those who are not, Rob, the main character makes lists: not in an OCD way, but rather centred around Top 5s: Top 5 Side 1, Track 1; Top 5 Angry Songs About Women, Top 5 Dream Jobs …

The first list we are introduced to in the book is Top 5 Most Memorable Break Ups – a list of his exes who’s departures have left the greatest mark on him. Through the book, amongst other things, we follow Rob as he attempts to make contact with the women on this list. Not particularly with the expectation of rekindling old flames but rather, since he had just been dumped, out of some need for closure, at least on past relationships. (If you’ve not read the book and this puts you off, be assured this is only a sub plot.)

I’d like to do something similar.
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Revenge wank

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Lying in bed nearly two weeks ago, staring at the ceiling, and stressing about politics, my mind wandered off to contemplate The Challenge. (You might think you’ve read this before, Dear Reader, but bear with me, it is new.) It had been great that so many people came on board, what ever their motives, and I doubt I’d have got as far as I did without the support of those out there in Blogs-ville. Especially Hyacinth.
(Just for the record Hy, since my Fairy Blog Mother, Gillian, has long passed on to pastures unknown, I wonder if I you’d be interested in the vacancy?)

I lay in bed that night and decided to bow out of the challenge. That wasn’t with the expectation of having a wank, and I had every intention of going sans orgasm for the rest of the week, for precisely the reason the whole thing started – so I had a better chance of cumming in my Wife’s pussy. Folding was not because of others, or the challenge, but because of how I felt about the ownership of my choices. Anyway, I wasn’t intending to wank, and I didn’t want to piss on anyone else’s parade, so I bowed out. But sometimes fate makes decisions for us. Continue reading


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Forgive me Reader, for I have wanked. It has been 7 days since my last ejaculation.

Having had regular, good sex for something over approaching a month, it had to come to an end sooner or later. The regular, and the good.

The last week we’ve both been quite tired or out independantly for social occasions so one of us has usually been asleep before the other made it to bed. So no sex. Not a big deal.

We tried this morning. Continue reading

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