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As Henry Ford said …

Posted in Fetishwear, Porn, Sexual politics with tags , , , , on November 27, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

Every few months, I’ll have a few weeks when, for no particular reason, I won’t look at porn. (I know what you’re thinking, Dear Reader, but I do, honestly!) Fate has a way of balancing things out, and in the last couple of weeks I suspect rarely more than a couple of waking hours have passed without me enjoying porn of some form or another.

The criteria for my internet porn searches is varied and unpredictable and the last few days it has definitely focussed on Continue reading

Sweet dreams

Posted in Dreaming of sex, Fetishwear with tags , , , , on October 6, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

It is a common assertion that our dreams are rooted in our day to day lives : the things that are a the forefront of our waking minds are also at the forefront of our sleeping minds. There’s been a common theme to several of my dreams in the last week or two: can you guess what might be on my mind, Perceptive Reader?

Dream #1

Somehow, my Wife and I were at a sex expo. (Obviously this Continue reading

Back for more

Posted in Dreaming of sex with tags , , , , on June 14, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

Everyone’s is familiar with the concept of the recurring nightmare, but if my mind is anything like normal (whatever that is) I think it’s fair to say that most dreams are unique, even if they cover similar territory. And that’s just as true of sex dreams as any other genre. So I was a little surprised this morning to wake from a dream which I’ve visited before. Or rather wake from a dream about a sex shop I’ve visited before. To be precise, a dream about Continue reading

Rubber – Why

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So you’ve read about how I discovered my love of latex, which must have left you wondering, Shocked Reader, just why I love it so much? Let me try to explain.
But first, this will be a post which is improved with a little audience participation:
You’re reading about rubber as a fetish, so let’s experience it. Go down to your local DIY / hardware store and find a pack of latex gloves. The thin sort, that are used for medical practitioners when they gently ease an exploratory finger into your cunt or arse, but are also often used by mechanics and decorators. Make sure you get natural latex gloves (usually a creamy white colour), not Nitrile (often blue, black or purple) or PVC (more translucent with a faint grey tint) and try to find some that are talc’ed (as opposed to those sold as powder free). Finally make sure they fit well, you don’t want them to be loose on your hands.

Now off you go and get some of these from B&Q or Home Depot and we can meet back here when your properly dressed.

Dum de dum.
Dum de dum.
Dum de diddly diddly dum.
Dum de dum.
Dum d … ah, there you are. That was quick. You must have been really keen to try this, Inquisitive Reader. You’ve got your gloves on? Marvellous.
Let’s begin … [cue sound effect] Continue reading

What a waste

Posted in Random stuff about sex with tags , , , , , on May 27, 2014 by Accidental Masturbator

Here I am, feeling particularly horny – considering how hard I’ve been working over the last few months, and how tired I’ve been as a result, unusually horny – and I’m checking my emails Continue reading

Sensual Blogger Awards II – The Sequel

Posted in Random stuff about sex with tags , , , , , , , , on May 17, 2013 by Accidental Masturbator

Oh this is just embarrassing!
Two nominations for the Sensual Blogger Award in just one week. This time courtesy of Her Secret Library. It’s very flattering, but please stop!

That said, as I’ve not posted much recently, responding to the respective questions is an easy way to keep my blog ticking over. So here are 7 more answers. Continue reading

Protected: Members Only 11

Posted in Members only with tags on February 2, 2013 by Accidental Masturbator

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