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Posted in Fixing a broken marriage with tags , , , , on June 5, 2018 by Accidental Masturbator

We’ve been box-set binge-ing. We’re about 6 series behind. (I’m sorry, Dear American Reader, I can’t bring myself to call them seasons, even though it’s an American show.)
There’s sexual tension all over the plot lines. Office politics and who’s fucking who … or in most cases who’s not fucking who, but would really like to fuck them. [Ed: Thankfully there’s not as much actual fucking as in House of Cards, which AM removed from Netflix’s shows-to-watch-list about a year ago because, despite his love of porn, watching people fuck with his Wife in the same room was just far too uncomfortable. Jeez, AM’s fucked up!]

After a mildly Continue reading

What’s all this about?

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage with tags , , , , on August 12, 2017 by Accidental Masturbator

I was drunk again. Happy drunk again. It had got me through an intense afternoon of school-holiday-child-care.  [Ed: Don’t worry, Concerned Reader. No children were at risk during the production of this blog post.] 

My Wife got home, I cooked supper and we sat down as a family to eat. Everyone was friends and all was going well, but at some point She decided to start waxing on about the down sides of alcohol and how it impairs judgement and lubricated tongues and how this is all undesirable. This was all pitched for Continue reading

Not on my watch

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage with tags , , , , on August 11, 2017 by Accidental Masturbator

Having tried our hand at Game Of Thrones, we searched the catalogues of shows that passed us by for binge-worthy box sets. Having been long standing fans of the Buffy franchise, we decided to give Grimm a go. (In case it hasn’t crossed your radar, it’s a series that rewrites Grimm’s Fairy Tales in a modern setting.) As with GoT, ep 1 was passable.

That was last week. Now …

I’d drunk too much. It’s a habit at the moment and, I confess, has been for a while. But I was happy drunk. With hindsight I was also hair-trigger drunk, in as much as it wasn’t going to take much for me to be grumpy drunk.

We were sat on the sofa, and I pulled Her towards me. She obliged and snuggled up.
Then She said

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