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Women I’ve slept with – Pt 10 – Ep2 : Boyfriend?

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When we left at the end of Women I’ve slept with – Pt10 – Ep 1 : My vampire diary, Dear Reader, my colleague, Sarah, had just sucked her own pussy juices off my fingers in the middle of a dance floor at a goth themed night club.

Well the of the rest of the evening kept pretty much to that theme, and as the lights came up, we fell out into the street, soaked in alcohol, bodily fluids and endorphins. Heading towards a taxi rank, we stumbled down the alley next to a church to continue snogging and groping. Even though the side of the building was floodlit and covered by CCTV, Continue reading

Women I’ve slept with – Pt 10 – Ep1 : My vampire diary

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The existence of love at first sight is a debatable issue: can such an emotion truly be regarded as love, or is it something more primal? When I first saw Marilyn (my number 4), I certainly felt something pretty instantly, and I did again when Sarah floated into my office. It wasn’t that she had the look of a glamour model (she was short, dark, skinny, and not remotely hour-glassed) but there was a certain je ne sais quoi about her that instantly caught my attention. She was dressed completely in black, with a full length coat, and although it didn’t strike me at the time, there must have been a hint of vampire about her.

It is said that dogs can smell fear: maybe vampires can smell lust and I later found out that Sarah had felt a similar attraction at that moment. We clicked instantly.

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Women I’ve slept with, Pt 8: The best sex I’ve ever had

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I have a theory: the best sex you will ever have is the sex you really shouldn’t have. Illicit afairs inherantly have trust at their core, as at least one party has the opportunity to betray and one to be betrayed. If not both parties. And I think with that trust comes the ability to open ourselves to our desires and it empowers us to scream for more more more!

I am not proud of the fact that I have fucked three women I really shouldn’t have, and I shouldn’t have fucked them as all of us were supposed to be fucking someone else at the time. I had awesome sex with all three of them, and the sex I had with Fiona was without doubt the best I’ve ever had. And almost certainly ever will.

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