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If you use WordPress for a blog, Dear Reader, you will recognise the graphic below, or at least its form.
If not, don’t worry.

As I wrote a recent post, and decided on tags, the name Aphrodite – the ancient Greek goddess of beauty – seemed apt.

As I Continue reading

Happy endings or happy beginnings?

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By the end of that day I was knackered. It had been a busy, and uncommonly good familial day. The down side was I was falling asleep in front of the TV at 9:30pm. She was not, so I headed for her and sacked the idea of getting laid.

But come the morning all was resolved. The sex itself was pretty formulaic, with a couple of exceptions.

As She initially toyed with dick, in a fit of bravery I got up onto my knees, straddled Her chest, and presented Her with it to suck. With out a word She Continue reading

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