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At our last therapy session my Wife mentioned how Her sexual needs are very limited, and whilst I’d like sex once or twice a day, She only needs it once a week, or less. She’s probably right about me, but I was astounded to hear She’d want sex even remotely as often. Obviously Our disparity badly needs addressing, and exploring what strikes me as gross exaggeration would be fascinating.

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The Internet is amazing. Pretty much every fact you could ever wish for at your fingertips, along side vehicles for every crackpot evangelist imaginable. (And before anyone thinks I’m targeting faith groups, I use the word evangelist in its broadest sense.) One of the wonders of the web is how you can plug a phrase into a search engine and get antipodal results and, as we head towards Valentine’s Day, I did a Google image search for “S&M Valentines card” only to end up with The Purity Pledge.

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Women I’ve slept with. Part 1: The girl who took my virginity

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I’ve had a dozen sexual partners, although I think I’m quite proud of the fact that I didn’t know that until I’d written down all their names and then counted them. I dare say many of you have had far more, and some of you may well have had far fewer. So I feel no embarrassment at the number. Continue reading

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