What a wanker!

(March 2022)

Back in 2012, I started blogging under the banner of Accidental Masturbator, and published regularly for most of the next 10yrs.

The name Accidental Masturbator arose because it was not something I ever expected to be. Sure, by that time I’d been jerking-off regularly for more years than I care to count, and more often than I would comfortably admit to a GUM clinician, but what I didn’t expect was to end up in an essentially a sexless marriage. It was a tragic accident to settle into middle age with my sexual gratification overwhelmingly in my own hands. Literally.

In 2020 the blog seemed to have run its course, and it had got to a point where I wasn’t convinced it was doing me any good to continue with it. But I had enjoyed writing it and, in the two years that followed, I occasionally missed it.

Just as for many other people, 2020 to 2022 proved a tough couple of years for me, and in Feb 2022, after years of escalating dysfunction, my Wife and I decided Divorce was the the only way forward.

Again, this was not something I had expected to happen. Some of my former readers had been advocating The Big D for some time, and it turned out several of my best friends thought Us getting married had been a mistake all along. Truth be told, I wasn’t too surprised that it happened, but Divorce still wasn’t something I expected when it did, no matter how inevitable.

But it did happen.

Divorcing was to be another accident.

As I write, Divorce proceedings are only just starting, and I have yet to move out of the family home. Realistically, that could take some months, and I don’t expect to be dating in the meantime. That’s not to say it will not be on my mind. Those who followed my blog before 2022, will know I am usually horny and occasionally quite kinky. So when I do eventually get round to dating, I would hope there will be something spicey and NSFW to write about.

In the meantime, there will likely be musings on divorce and middle aged dating, as well as all the random thoughts about sex that there always used to be. And there will probably be nudity … including my own.

So if you are sex positive, like reading all the sexy things that go on inside someone else’s head (and hopefully their pantsUK too) especially when they include words like cock & cunt & fuck & wank & cum, and get pleasure from sexually explicit images, you’ve come to the right place.
If you don’t that’s fine. Not everybody does. But this probably isn’t the blog for you.