You can put a finger on it

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… and after the drop-to-your-knees-and-rub-till-your-raw gorgeousness of yesterday, the other picture I wanted to share was this … Continue reading

I can’t put my finger on it

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It’s not often I see a picture I feel the urge to share with you, Dear Reader, for no other reason than it just looks fan-porno-tastic. In the last 48hrs I’ve cum across a couple more. (Please don’t excuse the pun – it was entirely pre-meditated.) And here’s the first. Continue reading


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The next morning I was awake about 5:00am. Awake enough that there was no obviously point in staying in bed.

Some 3 or 4 hrs later I heard my Wife go into the bathroom, and as She returned to the bedroom I headed back upstairs to get a shower.
We passed on the landing, my erection still swollen with self-importance. She Continue reading

For whom?

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It was an anniversary. Not a major anniversary, just one of those that comes around every year. We booked a babysitter and in anticipation of a rare night out at my Wife’s favorite restaurant, to be followed by a nightcap at a quiet bar nearby. 

Earlier in the day I’d asked if we were going to dress up for the evening. For me, that would be an ironed shirt and polished shoes instead of the usual T-shirt and trainers. She said if you want. So I did.

Earlier still, anticipating our sortie and the significance of the date, I wondered … nay fantasized … about the possibility that She might resurrect the infamous Red Lingerie. She was just wearing a Continue reading

Wierd kink

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If you’re of a similar age to me, Dear Male Reader, one of your most vivid cinematic memories will be Kelly LeBrock in Wierd Science. When we were barely pubescent, she was pretty much the hottest woman we’d ever seen. (Obviously that was about the same time we discovered porn, so the goal posts moved a little very quickly after. But hey … she was still the woman of our dreams!) On the off chance you’re not familiar with the film, [spoiler alert] it follows the adventures of two teenage geeks who, by the wonders of accidental science, create their perfect woman, and she turns out to be even better than in their wet dreams.

As I mentioned recently, I revisited an old project, designing Continue reading

The first rule

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Over the weekend, I couldn’t help but think about my underwear drawer. (And of other things.) I veered from one frame of mind to another.
Initially I wished I hadn’t done it.
Then reigned that back in to just that I hadn’t been so obvious.
At some point I thought Hell, I’m up for this. I can do the conversation: “Yes Honey, Continue reading

Protected: Members only 21

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