Sinful Sunday 370 : A glimpse of lace

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When I read These knickers by Tits and Test Tubes, I was definitely turned on. She kind of lost me with the two guys twist, but that didn’t stop me jerking off to the story.

Around the same time Kinky and Perky posted in Sinful Sunday a picture of himself in the panties he’d been required to buy for his D.

Sinful Sunday

When I had my recent clear out of sexy excess, I threw the

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For no good reason, I’m back browsing OKC. It’s not serious – I’m not actively looking for someone to date … or fuck … it’s just window shopping. And spending an hour or two reading through people’s sexual preferences at 5am on a Sunday morning is an interesting alternative to looking at porn when I’m having a wank. (Ok. I admit it. As I get close to Continue reading

We talked about sex

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We talked about sex.
And desire.
And imbalance.
And the natural evolution of marriage.
It seems we may not be quite so alone in our troubles.

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Six of the best

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Six weeks.

1) Six weeks since Our last session with Sue (the sex therapist/marriage guidance counsellor).

2) Six weeks since We discussed the value of continuing with Sue. Neither of us saw her as particularly good value for money.

3) Six weeks since We agreed our next session, if it were to happen at all, needed to Continue reading


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Why do boy so many cacti on walls?
Those aren’t cacti.
Oh …
As I walked into the living room this was the script from a kids’ TV show. I wasn’t entirely sure it was age appropriate, but I figured least harm would be done if I ignored it. And I’d had it on good authority from another parent that word was already going the playground about … s … e … x …

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Home truths

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Son: Dad, why is my sister called Theresa?
Father: Because its an anagram of Easter and your mother loves Easter.
Son: Thanks Dad
Father: No problem, Alan.

Not where I belong

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We were sat in a park. It was warm and sunny and all was right with the world. I was with friends – mostly a little younger than me. A friend of a friend was sat next to me. She was pretty. Undeniably so. She was chatty and interesting and interested. Her white Continue reading

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