That thing

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That thing, when you go to the sports center for your usual weekly training session. To pit your strength, skill and physical dexterity against other men. To display your masculine prowess. To affirm your dominant position in the hierarchy. To prove how Continue reading

No need for that. 

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I think too much.
I’m not always great at staying on topic.
My mind wanders.
Even when I’m wanking.

This last point was evident the other day as I tossed myself off over some online porn. As I scanned the search engine’s returned images, I happened upon an animated picture of a couple in the kitchen, first dressed, then in a sequence of jerky stills, getting naked and then Continue reading


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Some things you just have to share. And this picture is one of them. Possibly the most beautiful image I’ve seen in … I have no idea how long. Almost certainly years.

Beauty is possibly an odd word to use, but I mean it. I genuinely think it is beautiful.
Why? Continue reading

DLS 17 : Swing!

Posted in Dirty Little Secrets with tags on July 16, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

There must be something in the air at the moment, or in the water, because I seem to be constantly horny. Even more than usual. 24/7. Not only that, I’m very much going through a kink phase. Sometimes my porn digest is just cocks and cunts. Right now it’s heavily doused in fetishism. There’s a degree to which this is a nuisance as I have a load of work to do and time frames are narrow. I could just rub one out at the start of the working day, unplug the computer from the internet and crack on with productive day after productive day. But I’m Continue reading


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Sometimes a mood just takes you. Often with me, that mood is to look at porn and toss myself off. Sometimes it’s a little kinkier. Recently it’s been a little rubbery.

I don’t get to wear rubber very often, which is a pity, as it’s sexy as hell and I love it. (Latex has a distinct aroma which stays with you if you wear it … unless, as I understand it, your fetish gear has been through a process called chlorination, which mine hasn’t.) I certainly don’t wear it often enough to Continue reading

I’m sorry but …

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Dear Mademoiselle de la Rue (or should I just address you as the woman in the street?)

Yes, I just undressed you with my eyes.
It does t mean I don’t respect you. It means I think you look good.
Yes, that also means I quite fancy the idea of Continue reading

Domestic bliss

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When I told you, Dear Reader, about how I came to discover my love of rubber-wear, I dug out an old copy of the fetish magazine, Shiney International, I bought some time back in the late 80s / early 90s. As I thumbed through the pages, skim reading erotic stories and stiffening over explicit photo sets, I chanced upon these Continue reading


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