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The last time I bared all for Sinful Sunday, I really had  just bared all : shortly before, I had been as hairy-as-a-primate, or that’s how it felt. In the months that have since passed, I’m back to bush, and despite Continue reading

Random thoughts #5 – Forgotten

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As I was wanking over porn this morning, I came across this image (not literally … that was a few minutes later) …

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Random thoughts #4 – ugly

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Thumb your way through any porn mag. Scroll down any porn website. Read any erotic novel. Browse the marketing images in any sex store. Drool over the models used by any underwear brand – male or female.

There’s one common subset. Irrespective of gender …

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I have sex with pornstars

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Fucking is about connection, and not just the physical connection of cunt and cock. There are few people [Ed: … hopefully very few!!! …] who fuck someone they don’t actively like. Sure, relationships fail, and the respective partners don’t loose their libidos for a lack of love, but the received wisdom is that sex is often the first casualty when things turn sour.

Over the last year or so, Chatturbate has become one of Continue reading

Random thoughts #3 – Just good friends

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Picture a friend, Dear Reader. A good friend. Maybe your best friend. See their face in your mind. Hear their voice.

Now hold that thought.

You want the best for your friend, don’t you Dear Reader. You want them to be happy and healthy. Safe and comfortable. To be satisfied with what they have and achieve what they desire. To have love and be loved. It’s easy to picture these things. Right?

So why is it so odd Continue reading

Random thought #2 – banana skin

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As someone who most definitely loves rubber – thoroughly enjoys the feel of it and finds it more than a little aesthetically pleasing – my favourite phrase I’ve read today is (in reference to a custom made rubber suit) … Continue reading

Random thoughts #1 – Better out than in

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Maybe as much as 3yrs ago, I honestly can’t remember, I registered an account on OKCupid as a feasibility study. If We were to get divorced … if I were to get divorced … would I Continue reading

It’s like I never left

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The morning after I wrote last, I sat with my thumb hovering over Dial. The number displayed above it was that of a law firm that specialised in divorce, and the firm most widely recommended on local social media groups.

The enormity of

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Thanks for all the fish

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It seems perverse, after so long.
So long blogging about a failing marriage.
So long barely blogging at all.
So long not saying let’s get a divorce.

Well, not any more.

It’s done.
I’ve said it.
I’ve said Let’s get a divorce.

That’s not strictly accurate. What I said was probably more like We’re getting a divorce.

Oh why am I telling You, Dear Reader? I’ve told you precious little in the last few months. Prior to that, I’ve only told you my side of the story. It’s none of your concern. It’s arguably not mine to share with you. Especially after so long.

But fuck! Who else am I gonna tell?

It’s been so long.
I tried for so long.
Or maybe not.
Probably I gave up so long ago.

The ripples of the past will be felt so long into the future.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Sinful Sunday 493 – Two face

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Lockdown has seen many of us get hairy. Deprived of access to waxing salons, bushes have turned to forests. From porcelain smooth to rough thatch.

Sinful Sunday

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