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As I showered the other morning, I found myself musing over how, maybe 8 or 9 months ago, I’d felt uncomfortable with my arm around my Wife, and how that had received cursory discussion with Kirsty (our last counsellor). My discomfort at the potentially proprietorial overtones was mentioned, but not that I was uneasy making

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The road that could lead back to my Wife and me fucking is unlikely to be smooth. It’s entirely possible there are parts or that road that have been so badly damaged that the route is impassable. One way or another We’ll find out. I guess.

I would have guessed more of the stumbling blocks would have been down to my Wife than me: I’m a horny sod at the best of times, so why wouldn’t I want to get back to fucking? Especially when the emotional connection that comes from fucking has proved to be such a huge loss for me over the years.

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In a marriage counselling session, maybe three years ago, my Wife opined that I wanted sex every day.
In the very early days of our relationship, when She asked how often I masturbated, I lied and said a couple of times a week – the reality was a couple of times a day.
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Wot no meat?

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`For the first time in an age and a half, I dug out my see-through Manstore briefs from the back of the underwear drawer and smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror. They are ridiculous, but they make me smile, and more importantly, they make me feel sexy. To quote Sheldon Cooper, “they’re underwear that’s fun to wear.” See … Continue reading

Step into the unknown

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A week after having vowed to snuggle up on the sofa every evening, and go for a (short) walk once a day, We went for a (long) let’s-check-how-We’re-getting-on week-end walk. If I say the last couple of long walks have each been over 8 miles, that should give you some idea, Dear Reader, of how much ground We have covered conversationally too.

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Mathematical inequalities

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Most men, even adequately endowed men, like the idea of having a bigger cock, and … well … let’s be honest, whilst many women might not be enthusiastic about a genuinely monster member, nobody wants a small cock. Right? Right! But unless you’ve equipped with your own pussy, I’ll wager you’ve not thought much beyond the locker-room status of being hung like a horse.

I certainly hadn’t appreciated one aspect of being well hug until I saw this …

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After breakfast, as my Wife packed Her bag to leave for the office …
Me: I’ve got to run an errand and it’s cold – do you want a lift to the station?
She accepted.

5min later, in the station car park, She unbuckled Her seatbelt and Continue reading

Positive marketing

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Airbrushing the pimples, blemishes and wrinkles from advertising campaigns has been with us for a very long time. Whether its beauty products, household detergents, family hatchbacks, or political campaigns, little escapes the touch-up artist. And it’s not just the pictures – you’re no more likely to read an ad banner proclaiming this exfoliating cream causes skin irritation for 3% of users than you are Continue reading

Not the ending I expected

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It doesn’t really matter where arguments started. It matters where they ended.

In between, there were two or three others, and an increasing agreement that the next step was both inevitable and terminal. It’s not a step that I really want to take, because of the consequences for me. It’s apparently not a step that my Wife wants to have to take, not least because of the consequences it will have for me. For all She might want rid of me, She is not unsympathetic. But increasingly, over the space of a few days, Continue reading

A possible man-splanation

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Pretty much any time you get on the train, he’s there. The alpha-male stereotype. Taking up more space than he can possibly justify.
Legs splayed, as if he’s waiting for

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