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Having just caught sight of my 6:30am reflection, I’m not sure whether my hair makes me look more like Tintin or Cameron Diaz

On any other subject than this

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There was another post. One that documented, in minimal detail, much like diary notes in a small pocketbook, the last 3 or so months. How we stumbled back towards a sex life. The post ran out of momentum a couple of weeks ago when the stumbling became more pronounced and faltering. I don’t know if I ever intended to publish it, not least having resolved to blog about things more fun than sex with my Wife.

This morning another note could have been made. One more Continue reading

Fucket list – PS

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Many of your number, Dear Reader, will be familiar with High Fidelity, the film starring Jon Cusack. Hopefully more of you will have read the book on which it’s based, by Nick Hornby. For those who are not, Rob, the main character makes lists: not in an OCD way, but rather centred around Top 5s: Top 5 Side 1, Track 1; Top 5 Angry Songs About Women, Top 5 Dream Jobs …

The first list we are introduced to in the book is Top 5 Most Memorable Break Ups – a list of his exes who’s departures have left the greatest mark on him. Through the book, amongst other things, we follow Rob as he attempts to make contact with the women on this list. Not particularly with the expectation of rekindling old flames but rather, since he had just been dumped, out of some need for closure, at least on past relationships. (If you’ve not read the book and this puts you off, be assured this is only a sub plot.)

I’d like to do something similar.
I’d like to Continue reading

Fucket list

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Inspired by The Woman Invisible‘s sex bucket list, I thought I’d try to put togethter one of my own. I’ve vaguely thought about it in the past, but never got round to putting pen to paper, and at least one thing on the list is down to The Woman Invisible as she put the idea in my head.
So, in no particular order (and starting with something quite obvious), here goes … Continue reading

That thing

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That thing, when you go to the sports center for your usual weekly training session. To pit your strength, skill and physical dexterity against other men. To display your masculine prowess. To affirm your dominant position in the hierarchy. To prove how Continue reading

No need for that. 

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I think too much.
I’m not always great at staying on topic.
My mind wanders.
Even when I’m wanking.

This last point was evident the other day as I tossed myself off over some online porn. As I scanned the search engine’s returned images, I happened upon an animated picture of a couple in the kitchen, first dressed, then in a sequence of jerky stills, getting naked and then Continue reading


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Some things you just have to share. And this picture is one of them. Possibly the most beautiful image I’ve seen in … I have no idea how long. Almost certainly years.

Beauty is possibly an odd word to use, but I mean it. I genuinely think it is beautiful.
Why? Continue reading


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