Sinful Sunday 461 – Exposure

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A picture tells a thousand words … or sometimes none.
I could easily leave this picture to tell it’s own story … or whatever story you feel it tells.
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Sinful Sunday 460 – Grown-up

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Back at the family home, alone, for the first time in many, many years. This is where I grew up.

It’s odd being back now. It’s odd being here alone. Somehow there is still a sense of having to behave. As if a grown-up might walk in at any moment and reprimand. That will not happen now, but there still feels an obligation to be respectful.

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Sinful Sunday 450 – WTF

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(This week is unprecedented, as My photo is not entirely My photo. It is My photo, in as much as it was taken for Me and at My request, but as you will see, it most definitely is not a photo of Me.)

What the fuck?
Actually, what’s the fucking point?
Seriously! What is the point?

What’s the point of porn?

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Over the last few months, since my Wife and I went on a marriage guidance retreat with Dr Ruth, the tension between us has not dissipated. There may be various reasons for that, but I’m not going to go through that here. My blog wasn’t really meant to be about Our marital difficulties – true, it started with the intent to reinvigorate our sex life, and for a while, so many years ago, that seemed plausible, but hope has diminished, and optimism has drifted into the distance. For all our emotional and sexual divisions we might as well live respectively on Mars and Venus.
My Wife seems not to want to consider sex unless We are on firmer emotional ground.
I struggle to find firmer emotional ground when there is no sex.
The circle snarls at those within it.

It’s not that simple, obviously! I don’t for a moment mean to suggest that Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 448 – Poster boy

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Anyone who grew up in the UK in the 80s undoubtedly had at least one Athena poster on their bedroom wall. Their art prints and posters were as ubiquitous as their subject matter, ranging from cute kittens and fast cars to art-deco seascapes and air-brush kisses. At least two of their posters have become genuine icons of the late 20th century.

Sinful Sunday

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[Ed: Here at Accidental Publications Inc, we like to think we have the highest of editing standards, and do our utmost to ensure we only bring you the most accurate filth, smut and porn anywhere in the sex-blog-o-sphere. However, as diligent as we try to be, even we can cock up on occasions. Perhaps distracted by having our cock up someone else, it seems we may have missed a heinous error on AM’s behalf in a recent post.

The error manifested itself in incorrect labelling of the female genitalia.

We would like to humbly apologise to anyone who was mislead as a result of this oversight, and we would direct you to study the graphic-info-graphic bellow for the correct identification.

Rest assured we will make no concessions in our efforts to discover who was responsible for the incorrectly published information, and they will be sent directly to the head of HR, Mistress Accident, for a thorough disciplining.] Continue reading

That’s not your game face

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Randomly watching night time TV, I caught an interview with Roisin Conaty, promoting her new TV comedy series, Game Face. She related a sexual encounter in which … Continue reading

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