Sinful Sunday 401 – Keep on giving

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As we slide inexhorably towards the end of the year, those of us of a Xmas persuasion are doubtless thinking if gifts. And as a concept, we’re all familiar with the phrase the gift that keeps on giving., even if we’ve not actually received one.

Sinful Sunday

And you’re doubtless familiar, Dear Reader, with my near obsessive purchasing of pantsuk, especially

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Some things you can’t ignore

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Tis the season to be waylaid by relentless marketing. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Xmas discounts. Boxing Day bonanzas. And we won’t have to wait long for the January sales. It’s all a little trying and brings out my inner Marxist.

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Sinful Sunday 400 – What do you want?

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A text message from a family member asked about Xmas arrangements and for gift suggestions. A familiar question at this time of year.

My knee-jerk answer was a happy functional family, but I bit my tongue.

Sinful Sunday

My second though was equally unbroadcastable before the watershed:

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As a dyed in thw wool music fan, it’s always sad to hear of the death of a musical hero.

Last night as I was getting home, the news broke that Pete Shelly of Buzzcocks had died of a heart attack.

It seems apt to mention this here for two reasons.

Firstly there’s probably

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Sinful Sunday 399 – Focus

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I’m not sure whether this photo really fits the strict definition of bokeh, as the definition I found was as much as spots of light as it was about out of focus.

I guess at worst I’m half way there.

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That’s what coffee smells like

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She got home from work. With the early evening necessaries out of the way, and the room to ourselves …
[NB This is somewhat paraphrased, and the sequence is blurred but as accurate as possible.]

Her: I can’t stop asking if you’re ok.
Me: Nothing has changed.
Her: Since when.
Me: Since this morning.
Her: I’m not trying to say Continue reading

No sleep for the wicked

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I didn’t sleep.
I’m sure my Wife didn’t either.
Come morning, when my alarm sounded, I turned it off. Not Snooze.
I hid under the duvet, behind a closed bedroom door, with the curtains drawn.
Footsteps on the stairs. A quiet knock on the door.
Her: Do you need me to do the school run?
Me: No.
Her: I can stay of you want?
Me: No. I’ll do it.
Her: Is there anything I can do?
Me: I have no idea.
Her: Probably lots I should have done years ago.
Me: Does that mean Continue reading

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