Out the mouths of babes

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Music is a big thing for me, and I’m proud to say I have had significant success passing that on to the next generation.
We were listening to Sally MacLennane by The Pogues as we drove home from school, the track’s details displayed on the dashboard screen.

Jnr: I like that.
Me: What’s that?
Jnr: Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 392 – Fracture

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No words today.
Just the image.

Sinful Sunday

Continue reading

There’s therapy … and there’s thereapy

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The more I think of it, the more I think I might actually talk to a therapist about sex. One of Us needs to, and if my Wife won’t when We see a therapist together, it might as well be me on my own. [Ed: “Might as well?” That’s an odd phrase in the context.]

It’s not that I think therapy works – I’ve yet to see evidence that it does – two bouts of couples’ therapy certainly didn’t work for Us, it doesn’t seem to have done any good for those I’ve known (IRL) who’ve seen therapists, and I doubt it will work for me. That’s possibly a self defeating approach – maybe these things only work if Continue reading

Wonder lust

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Extra-marital sex might not be such a bad idea. When you’re not having marital sex.
If you still want to be married it’s inevitably a little more complicated.
And if it turns out your spouse is in the same boat and you’re both completely fine with the reciprocity, and somehow that actually makes you want to fuck each other … well … that starts to get a bit heavy.
But let’s not even think about Continue reading

Of temptation and indescretion

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Business used to take my Wife away from home on a relatively regular basis. Perhaps every couple of months. These were times when I would indulge my kinks. I could wear latex with impunity, fuck my Flashlight whilst watching porn in bed at night, enjoy a full day with my butt plugged, or spend 36hrs comfortably confined in my CB6000s.

Times change.
It is nearly a year since I chose to move into the spare bedroom, or My bedroom as We have come to refer to it, so some of these things are now easy. Though less so the fetishwear.
Changes at work have meant She doesn’t visit the business’s outposts nearly as often.
Until this week.
She is away.
And my inner perv has been a little revived by Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 391 – Celeb porn

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A couple of months ago, A to sub Bee‘s Sinful Sunday photo got me thinking. It was a superbly contrived image and said so much about Sinful Sunday.
The photo below was quickly contrived, and was nearly published weeks ago, but when the Monthly Prompt was announced, I just had to delay this image.

As sex bloggers we express what we cannot share with almost everyone we know IRL, yet we are so afraid of what others might think, that even in this “safe”, creative space, with a few exceptions, we still Continue reading

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