Well, that could have been awkward

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I’d sent his wife a text and arranged to meet her at their house. A time was set.
Two days later I drove to the small housing estate where she works from a spare room.
On arrival, looking at unfamiliar signs, I park the car, wary of any restrictions that might result in me getting a fine. The car is registered in my Wife’s name, so any parking penalty notice would be addressed to Her and She would inevitably ask where I had been.
As I walk towards his house, he unexpectedly appears at the front door.
He sees me.
For a moment we Continue reading

Good morning. Not good morning

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The schedule has obviously gone to the wall. it may still be loosely in place in Her head, but we are not fucking when we are supposed to be fucking.
Last night when I signalled I was going to bed, there was no indication She was expecting to join me any time soon. I assumed She knew it was Wednesday-Fuck-Night, but maybe She’d given up.

This morning She went to the bathroom 45min before the alarm was due. I dug under the duvet and with my hand naturally wrapping itself around my erection, I hit my own metaphorical snoozed button. Half an hour after She’d returned Continue reading

Sinful Sunday 315 – Branding

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I’ve mentioned my favorite brand of underwear on numerous occasions. The respective company specialise in what they refer to as pouch underwear, swimwear and athletic apparel for men. Follow the above link, and somewhere I’m sure I’ve explained exactly why I like them.

Anyway …

A couple of the more recent pairs I acquired have company logo embossed into the new style waistbands. Assuming you’ve worn a strapless dress at least once, Dear Female Reader, you will know quite how readily bra straps leave their mark. I couldn’t help notice today these trunks have a similar effect.

Sinful Sunday

Continue reading

If not now, then when?

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After the last few days, it’s difficult not to assume The Schedule has been cancelled.
I’ve been grumpy for the last couple of days, and my interest in the reality of The Schedule has waned significantly. That said, the day had been OK, and we’d mostly all been civil to each other. She and I even went to bed at the same time. And Continue reading

Maybe it’s me?

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Maybe it’s me?
Maybe I’m the problem?
Maybe our failure to have a normal sex life is my fault?
Maybe I’m just insatiable?
For about two decades it was a Continue reading

I don’t want to play

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The last few days in summary:
Wednesday night: We were sheduled to have sex. We didn’t have sex.
Thursday night: She wanted to rectify that. I didn’t. We had sex.
Friday morning: I wanted to have sex. She didn’t. We didn’t have sex.
Saturday morning: I wanted to have sex. She didn’t. We didn’t have sex.
Sunday morning: We were scheduled to have sex …
You know what, Dear Reader? I think this is a pretty crap game. I don’t want to play. 

So Sunday morning, when we’re scheduled to have sex, I made sure I Continue reading

Still none

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We were home from our holiday. The long Easter weekend still lay ahead of us, and there was no imperative to get out of bed early for another three days. Obviously that didn’t stop me waking early, getting up long before She woke, and enjoying a cup of tea and my favourite sex blogs. Obviously that didn’t result in me feeling any less horny.

Fueled by relentless libido, optimism and stubbornness, I took the same approach as the previous day:

  • Porn
  • Good erection
  • Back to the bedroom
  • Strip
  • Pose
  • Back into bed

I walked into the bedroom about 8:30. Not late, but late enough for a sufficiency of sleep whilst still being early enough for a fuck before domestic and familial duty consumed the day.
Her: Morning
Me: How are you doing?
Her: Continue reading

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