I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 2

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage on November 29, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

Day 5114
Yesterday sgould have been a good day, one on which the focus should have been on me for a change. It hadn’t exactly been a bad day, that’s for sure, but a day when I barely even tossed myself off and a day when we’d gone to bed at least half an hour apart.
I woke with my usual boner, and after stroking it for a while Continue reading

As Henry Ford said …

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Every few months, I’ll have a few weeks when, for no particular reason, I won’t look at porn. (I know what you’re thinking, Dear Reader, but I do, honestly!) Fate has a way of balancing things out, and in the last couple of weeks I suspect rarely more than a couple of waking hours have passed without me enjoying porn of some form or another.

The criteria for my internet porn searches is varied and unpredictable and the last few days it has definitely focussed on Continue reading

I know I said I wouldn’t but … Pt. 1

Posted in Fixing a broken marriage on November 25, 2015 by Accidental Masturbator

When I started to right the following, I didn’t know where it’s going, and to be honest, I didn’t expect it would ever actually get published. I said I wouldn’t write about my marriage or sex with my Wife again, that I wanted to make my blog fun again, and it has become that, even if less frequently. But there continued to be those amongst you, Caring Reader, who would still ask How are things with your wife? Any better? So I documented the ups and downs, of which there have been many, just in case I ever felt the desire to publish them. As I didn’t want to invest too much time in fruitless ventures, some of what follows, both in this and the next couple of posts, is in brief diary form, but together they should bring you roughly up to date.
(It’s probably worth keeping track of the days, so you get a sense of how pedestrian the ebb and flow are. As this post goes to press, we are somewhere around Day 5250.)

Day 5000
(I have no idea if it was the 5000th day that we’d been together, but it is convenient to assume it was something like that. It was some time after I last wrote anything about my marriage. Some time in the spring of 2015, I think.)
It had been a bad weekend. We’d argued about Continue reading

It’s a sign!

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Last night I was sounding off to friends about a contracted service provider who had deliberately mislead me for their own financial gain. I refered to them as a duplicitous cunt. Not wanting to offend anyone present, I just mouthed the word cunt. A female member of our party then proceded to show us how to say lady-parts (her phrase) in sign language, along with kick a cunt (for which she also mouthed the word cunt).

Being the perv I am, this morning I’ve Continue reading

Dirty laundry

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The house is full of stuff. Too much stuff. And we’ve started to look at getting rid of some clutter. So I’ve been up in the loft looking through boxes. It’s mostly old music cassettes, old computers and VCRs, old photographs from the days before you could forget them all on a hard drive, and packaging for things we bought years ago. And amidst all this I found some horny gems.

I knew there was a box full of old VHS cassettes, mostly of films and series I recorded off the TV a decade or more ago. There are also a few pre-recorded tapes I bought, and amongst them were titles I though were in Continue reading

The dominant sub

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As I mentioned, for no reason greater than research and for a bit of fun, I registered on a couple of online dating websites. Nothing as directly salacious as Ashley Madison – these were mainstream dating websites – the sort you’d use if you wanted to find a long term partner, and not just for a bit of kinky fuckery. And yet …

A few of months after I’d registered I got an unsolicited message from another user. Lets call her Kinky1971 (although there was nothing in her real user name that actually hinted at anything kinky).  Here are some edited highlights of the conversation. Continue reading

What goes on reunion, stays on reunion 

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A weekend away with The Lads. Unchaperoned in a city far from home. So much potential for misbehaviour.

First I should update you on the chastity cage.
Considering my passage through airport security was Continue reading


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