Keeping a secret

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Received wisdom would have us believe size isn’t important. Obviously not all women agree – some like big, and possibly even more like small. But whatever your preference

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Collar and cuffs

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We were heading out to a big family get-together; the sort where smart dress was de rigueur. I couldn’t help notice that amongst the clothes She’d laid out on the bed were The Infamous Red Bra and Panties. Conspicuously, although there was also a suspended belt, it wasn’t the one that matched.

As my Wife was getting dressed, and started to put Her blouse on, our youngest walked into the room and offered some advice:

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Sinful Sunday 322

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Having liked the abstract nature of my last Sinful Sunday submissions, a week or two back I stumbled across some abstract photography in a gallery. I really like how it is possible to depict something very real, in an absolutely literal manner, and yet make somehow less real. Unreal. Abstract.

Sinful Sunday

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Security questions

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Computer: Enter your account name and password.
Me: I don’t fucking know my account name or password.
Computer: Please comfirm your account details.
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10 years of marriage.
10yrs to the day.
5 years, or more, of whining about a sexless marriage on a blog.
It used to be that I found I had something to write about at least once a week. Usually twice if not three times. Sexy boots. Sex with ex-es.. The language of sex. Kink. Gender politics. Porn.
Of late I’ve mostly written of marital dysfunction and self pity. There may be a reason my readership has dwindled.

10 years to the day.
We marked it with a disappointing meal at the venue where we got married.
There was fleeting mention of

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We speak in code

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Saturday morning. 8am.
I’d been sat at my desk working for two hours, frantically trying to beat a deadline, while the rest of the house slumbered.
She came into the study to say good morning and tell me breakfast was ready.

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Sinful Sunday 318

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Of last week’s Sunday Sinners, one fo my favorites was undoubtedly If I had a dick for a day. Who amongst us hasn’t wondered what it would be like to swap genitals and orgasms with the other gender for just one day, and contemplate what we would try if we were otherwise equipped.

And indeed, my initial thought was to complement The Other Livvy’s picture with an homage entitled If I had a pussy for the day.
From there it was just the smallest jump to the good old mangina picture.
And that was the plan.

Having taken the requisite photo, it obviously needed a little treatment, including framing and cropping. And in the process I ended up with something other than what I intended. Somehting a little more abstract, but I think a little more interesting.

Sinful Sunday

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